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Watch this movie, it was filmed in 95 but has like all the Zoo york riders in it from now and its pretty much about the teenage life and a little of skateboarding. Something that will keep you from being bored and that you'll enjoy click watch full.
-Dylan Anderson

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ryan's blog seattle trip

super cool your water before skating!

and this is the text from the youtube info

After watching some videos of people supercooling water, I had to try myself. This is my third try using Fiji water, all successful.

[Edit x 2] Wow this video still gets views and replies. And with all sorts of accusations and stuff. Alright then...

For this to work, water needs to be PURE. Few water packaging companies purify their water enough for this to work. I don't know who, but Fiji is one of them. If you don't want to buy purified water, you goto distill it. Buy a water filter. A good one. I've heard that the smoother the bottle, the better, but I've also seen this trick done with water bottles with waves and other designs in them so I don't know. I suppose it lessens the chance of the water being disturbed while in the freezer.

So what you do is take pure water, put it in the freezer, leave it there over night. Take it out in the morning and it will still be liquid. Then you shake it and flash-freezing will occur. That's it.

I will add that the ice won't be a solid in flash freezing. What you'll end up with is a slushy.

Onto other things: This is not fake. I don't have any special effects experience. I didn't put anything under the cap, this was an unopened bottle of fiji. I tried to zoom in to show that, but it was too blurry. This won't necessarily work. I know I've done this several times and sometimes the water froze in the freezer.


soo, there was a hurricane outside, but we wanted to skate. tampa sounded pretty tight and we didnt have to pay to skate spot cus we kno the good. at 5:00 our mission began!

lurk for quality:

SPOT montage from David Stoessel on Vimeo.


lurk to favorite for other youtube lurkers:

Here are the photos

Bowser - Footplant

Bristol - Gap to Lipslide


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Definition of a Mashup

Learn how to create a mash up with Sue Teller.


Back To The Banks 2008

10 rail sesh.


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stoessel and i were talking about how boring it would be to watch an entire video with no music....but then i saw this.

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an das real

this is harrison cohen

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Drew Hughes

had his ass handed to him today...


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christian weber..

yeah yeah i know...
dorsa,newton,and kinesis himself are so posed to be the photogs...
but look at christian weber's portfolio
Might i sugest his reason to belive work stuff...